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International Vehicle Shipping

Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas

Selecting the right carrier for your international vehicle shipping needs can be a daunting task. While CalcuShip does not provide instant vehicle shipping estimates for overseas destinations, we do offer suggestions for respected overseas shipping experts who can fulfill your vehicle shipping needs.

Click on any of the preferred international shippers displayed above to visit these international vehicle shipping carriers, or call them directly at the number listed to discuss your specific requirements.

Factors to Consider / Things You'll Need

When choosing an international vehicle shipping carrier, here are some important factors to consider:

  1. Roll On - Roll Off vs. Container Car Shipping
  2. Limitations on vehicle content will rely on shipping method
  3. Keys, Registration and Title, Photo ID
  4. Creditor / Lessor Notarized Statements Authorizing Transport

Transport Times

Transport times indicate 'time on the water' and do not include consolidation times before sail. Additional transshipment times, typically 5 days, are required to deliver your vehicle to you once it arrives at the destination port.