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Shipping Your Vehicle Within the Continential US

Hassle-Free Vehicle Shipping Estimate Calculations

Here at CalcuShip, we appreciate that you may simply want a quick estimate of your vehicle shipping costs without the hassle of filling out an extensive form filled with contact information, and we also understand that many times our visitors are just browsing. This is why you can fill out a simple form, with minimal information, to instantly see your vehicle shipping estimate.

Once your estimate has been calculated, CalcuShip will match your specific request, based on the vehicle type and geography of the move, with some of our preferred vehicle shipping experts which are displayed alongside your estimate. If you choose to, you can then enter your email address and submit a request to have these shippers contact you with further information in order to compare and finalize pricing and arrange your vehicle shipment.

Shipping Estimates

Automobile shipping estimates and rates in the industry include several components that vary with each customer. The distance, the vehicle type and size, and its condition are some variables that will affect the price.

CalcuShip's instant vehicle shipping calculator generates shipping estimates using your vehicle type and size classification. The estimate engine utilizes seasonal rates and distance to calculate a base estimate assuming the most common variables, such as operational status of the vehicle and the industry standard open transport mode.

Additional shipping options for non-operational vehicles and requests for specialized transport modes, such as enclosed shipping, will affect your final price and can be arranged directly with the shipper.

Here are some good points to remember:

  1. Enclosed Container Transport can increase your vehicle shipping costs by as much as 35%
  2. Operational vehicles are the least expensive to move
  3. Non-operational vehicles introduce a number of additional variables into the price of the move. The actual status of the vehicle will determine the final cost.

Seasonal Factors

Vehicle shipping and transportation costs differ depending on the season of the year. CalcuShip's sophisticated estimate engine takes seasonal factors into consideration when calculating your estimate, and our vehicle shipping experts ensure that the seasonal rate information used to build your estimate is always current with the latest industry data.


Here at CalcuShip, we strive to make your experience in getting your instant vehicle shipping estimate the simplest and most pain-free method available on the web today! In keeping with this goal, CalcuShip utilizes a zip-code based Google Maps Distance Matrix API™ to calculate the most accurate trip length possible, which is one of the main driving factors in your personal estimate.

The actual trip length of your vehicle transport will depend on additional factors, such as actual physical addresses, ease of accessibility for the driver when picking up and delivering your vehicle, and so forth. All of these minute details will be finalized with your selected vehicle shipping expert once you submitted your request to be contacted by our shippers.

Additional Services

Be sure to check with your selected carriers for available additional services such as

  1. Door to Door Transport
  2. Expedited Shipping
  3. Enclosed Vehicle Transport